Nutrition Product Review by Jocelin Lamprey RD, LDN @DaybyDayNutrition

We partnered with Jocelin Lamprey RD, LDN of Day by Day Nutrition for National Nutrition Month, and she has done a product review on our roasts compared to other traditional deli meats which you can find here. Jocelin is a registered dietitian and wellness coach. She works with individuals, group classes for a workplace’s employees, and even different community organizations! She graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a 5th-year Dietetic Internship at the University of New Hampshire. On a personal level, she has a true passion for helping people reach their goals, and make nutrition a lifestyle, not just a short-term goal.


Meet and Greet

We were so excited when she agreed to collaborate with us, and give input on our roasts as part of a healthy diet and a way to reduce meal preparation time. We started by having Jocelin come into our office and meet the team! Dan, of course, had lots of knowledge and inspiration to impart, and we told Jocelin about how our roasts meet the requirements for all-natural deli meat but go way beyond this previous standard. She lit up as she ate our roasts, and pointed out the striations on the meat which show how the meat is a single muscle.


Farmers and Cooks vs Traditional Deli Meat

To prepare for our recipe collaboration, Jocelin did further nutrition research on how our product compared to others in the deli. Her voice was full of excitement as she told me that our products had a fraction of the sodium others in the category had. She told me that anything under 300 mg of sodium per serving qualifies for a low sodium diet, and many of our products are under or close to this, making them an option to moderate sodium in any diet. She also told me how the USDA shows other deli meats with sugar and carbohydrates in their nutrient analysis due to the cornstarch and corn syrup fillers used which dilute the nutrient density. Our roasts show much more protein per serving compared to these other deli meats.


Recipe Collaboration

We knew that since our roasts can be used as the original (OG) deli meat, left-overs from a meal because the roast is a single animal muscle, we wanted to showcase it in non-sandwich based recipes. We set out to come up with party pleasers, appetizers, and main meals which Jocelin would recommend as healthy options. So this month we will be sharing 2 jalapeno or serrano pepper popper recipes with Southwest Turkey, stuffed mushrooms with Italian Herb Uncured Ham, caesar salad with Italian Herb Uncured Ham, and a warm winter salad with Simple Turkey. Check back in to get the recipes, and nutritional eating and lifestyle tips from Jocelin Lamprey RD, LDN @DaybyDayNutrition.