This uncured ham is a natural update on the classic rosemary ham, with influences from Italian porchetta. We add extra virgin olive oil, agave, organic cider vinegar, herbs and spices, and a light hardwood smoke to produce a beautifully balanced and savory uncured ham. The herbal notes complement themes from Italian, Greek, and Latin-American cuisines, and our Spanish EVOO keeps this ham juicy while it roasts. Excellent in sandwiches, or on salads or pizzas.

Ingredients: Pork, water, extra virgin olive oil, organic agave syrup, salt, and 1% of less of: (spices, garlic powder, vinegar, onion powder, yeast extract, natural fruit & spice flavors)

What makes it so special? One piece of real meat (hams nowadays seldom are). Hand-netted and hung in the smokehouse like people on farms all over the South have done for centuries. You won’t find that at most deli counters! Then there’s the organic agave nectar. We’ve completely replaced sugar in this ham with organic agave nectar, making a low-glycemic ham treat you’ll not find elsewhere. How about real smoke – a simple thing, but quickly becoming a rarity in commodity deli. And our beautiful brine with extra virgin olive oil, organic unfiltered cider vinegar, and subtle but deep herb and spice notes – only from Farmers and Cooks. We admit, it’s not a traditional product. But wait a while. It will be.

As with all our Farmers and Cooks Roasts – after the best meats, the right trim, and leaving out all the extra water, we pay very close attention to the details to make the absolute best. Bite, texture, taste, aroma, and subtle spice tell the story. It costs a bit more – but then it’s real food.


Added Hormones
Artificial Ingredients
Nitrates or Nitrites
Single Cut
Vegetarian Fed
Gluten Free