Uncured Pastrami Brisket


Tender and juicy New York-style pastrami brisket with all the savory goodness that earned it the auspicious title of George Costanza’s favorite salted, cured meat. We’re pretty sure George would say this is as good as it gets, because ours is actually naturally uncured, lower in salt than most, and it doesn’t disappoint in the spice department. Unlike most pastrami, ours is tender however you slice it—not chewy and stringy. That’s because we roast it open, low, and slow. We won’t blow you away with salt and smoke, but we do restore the tradition of a properly spiced pastrami; we use sixteen different herbs and spices in this recipe, and the result is unforgettable.

Ingredients: USDA Choice Angus beef, water, spice, salt, cane sugar and 1% of less of: (dehydrated garlic, yeast extract, vinegar, paprika and natural citrus & spice extracts)

Food this good was a century in the making. Let’s take a moment to honor our tradition.

Forty years ago and beyond, reaching back to the turn-of-the-century melting-pot, people around New York, or those fortunate to have one of the rare top-flight delis in other cities, could indulge themselves with such a pastrami sandwich.

Sadly, the number of places you can enjoy the real thing has shrunk to almost zero. Nowadays, people eat all kinds of stuff called pastrami. They eat it on sub-rolls, or piled so high you need a ladder to eat it. And it’s tough. And it’s salty. And it’s too fatty – or, worse, too lean. And they slice it thin so they can manage to eat it – even though it’s tough and stringy. And they slather it with mustard to provide some taste and moisture. It might be lunch, but it’s not what it used to be.

Everybody who knows and loves pastrami knows you have to go someplace special to get the real thing. People make pilgrimages. Some say Katz’s on Houston Street in NY, while others head for Langers in Los Angeles or some other favorite. And, for many reasons, the number of truly great delis has been shrinking for decades. There are just a few special temples of pastrami still operating today – and we honor them all.

But let’s face it; there’s never been anything like that available at a supermarket deli counter or specialty store. And that leaves deli mavens throughout the land longing for a great pastrami most of the time.

This, in all honesty, is why we started this business. Somebody had to save this tradition. Pastrami isn’t easy to do right, but it’s important.

At long last, Farmers and Cooks has found a way to bring that classic taste and texture to your neighborhood market. This is authentic, tender-steamed pastrami with its essential succulence, aroma, and flavor. Say goodbye to salty-fatty rubber and dry-lifeless imposters. Our pastrami is gently cured and marinated with 16 aromatic whole-grain spices, hand-rubbed with our old-world dry rub, then slowly, lovingly smoked and cooked to perfection.

Farmers and Cooks brings you the real New York pastrami experience – direct from the golden age of deli – any time you want it, right in your own home.

Sliced thick or thin – Just heat, eat, and swoon.™


Added Hormones
Artificial Ingredients
Nitrates or Nitrites
Vegetarian Fed
Gluten Free